Pendulums, auras, astrology readings, and Abraham… thats what my Thanksgiving consisted of 😉 Oh, and an absolutely delicious dinner with my family and my love… our first holiday together. I have so much to be thankful for this year.

I also learned something this holiday (go figure ;-)… Sometimes the people you have the most in common with have been in your life all along, and you just have to dig a little deeper, ask a few more questions, show a little more interest to get to know them on a deeper level. Or maybe I’m just realizing that as I grow, and evolve into the person I’ve always wanted to become I am finding the common ground with the people that have always been in my circle. The universe doesn’t put people into our circle arbitrarily. They say that everyone in our life is a soulmate of some sort, here to teach us something on our journey.

Candace and I went on a long walk the day before thanksgiving, through my hometown and up to the old rail road track that overlooks our beautiful little village. On our way home, we found a stick on the ground shaped like a drumstick. We both made a wish and it broke evenly, right down the middle, neither of us getting the bigger piece. Candace said “Well. THATS never happened to me before!” We decided this was the perfect prelude to our first thanksgiving together. We are both equally lucky to have found each other… equally thankful for the last year, for our friends and family who have been so loving and supportive of us, and we are equally looking forward to many more holidays together with each other and with the beautiful people we are so blessed to have in our lives.

Much love and Happy Thanksgiving everyone ❤