Things are happening over here. Good things. A lot of them. So many that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and process it all. Til now… and thats mainly only because Candace just got a salon job 😉

We are still on a high from our wedding and also from our “Honeyvows” (best word i’ve ever made up 😉 in Mexico last month. We had been torn between a wedding with our families and eloping on the beach… so we decided to have both. Our wedding was at the courthouse, and we did our vows during our honeymoon. A way of sort of cementing our marriage, just for us. We were lucky enough to have had my insanely talented friends, Jimi and Natalie with J. Ferrara Photography document this incredibly special moment for us. The vows were perfect… romantic, meaningful and private, and everything we had been dreaming about. The honeymoon itself was ridiculously amazing. We stayed at an all inclusive (Azul Fives) in Maya Riviera, had the best time exploring, relaxing, and gaining ten pounds ;-p (yeah…. having to eat RAW for an entire week afterwards was our punishment for the gluttony!!!)

Since then Candace landed an awesome job at a beautiful salon called MINT which happens to be just a block away from our apartment and we also just got back from a Denver a few days ago. We reconnected with some of the many friends we have been so awful at keeping in touch with this year. We are majorly guilty of that thing that happens sometimes when ya fall in love… you know what I’m talking about… sort of hibernating and falling off the face of the planet. Good news is… we’re definitely back. We missed everyone. Thanks for hanging in there friends.. we love you so much and we were so humbled to have had so many of you come out and celebrate with us. I got to meet a lot of Candace’s family, hug all my old besties and my favorite ex-husband his girlfriend stayed and partied with us til the very end which still makes me tear up when I think about it. I am so so so so lucky to have them as some of my friends… can’t say it enough.

It has also been a busy winter for me work wise… my busiest winter yet!! I am really looking forward to blogging more about my work, and I have some personal photo shoots coming up in the next few months too that I will be really excited to share. I am anticipating feeling a little lonely, but also motivated now that I will have a lot of time to myself with Candace working outside the home. We have literally spent every day together for the last 7 months… we are feeling pretty proud of ourselves that we haven’t gotten sick of each other… hehe. It’s been a whirlwind couple of months, now its time to enjoy a little married life. Until the next trip anyway :-p

Oh yeah.. and the Broncos won the Super Bowl.


*I have so so so many images to sift through and share here, and I will SOON. I promise!*