growing up and coming out… 101

by emily burke

Being an adult is no fun. And that is precisely why I put it off for as long as humanly possible! Maybe by age 29 I should have grown up and stop letting Scott do everything for me… but that would have been way too easy, and I have a better story because of it. And a lot of really embarrassing selfies. 😉

For your enjoyment, here are just a few of the pitifully self deprecating photos I took during my first few weeks as a real live adult… living on my own in the wild.


(First time pumping gas since age 17… had to relearn it. Just call me Rip Van Winkle… the female, modern day version.)


(I just came out as a lesbian and am going through a divorce… do you really think I have the brain capacity to even open the mailbox, let alone learn how to pay my own bills right now? No sir. Not today!)


(Now come on… dishwasher soap and dishwasher fluid sound like the exact same thing. They’re probably just trying to make money by confusing people into buying the wrong one. Rude.)


(I have probably 10 pictures exactly like this one, and since being on my own I have lost 3 credit cards. One day I will learn. Maybe. Hopefully.)

Now, as if becoming an adult isn’t stressful enough, try adding coming out as a lesbian on top of that. Pretty intense stuff. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you’re going to need some supplies.


1. Journals. Probably about 35 of them. Just kidding. But you need a lot. For every mood, every emotion, and maybe just because they’re pretty and fun to buy. Oops.

2. A spotify playlist, perhaps titled “My lesbian playlist” with classics such as Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, Brave by Sara Bareilles and… drumroll please… All the Things She Said by Tatu. Duh. (message me if you want the whole 56 song playlist 😉


3. Cigarettes. Or alcohol. Kidding kidding. Kinda. Thank GOD my “Im Sarah Jessica Parker, and no one can tell me otherwise” period only lasted for about 3 weeks. Smoking is gross. Sorry Mom!!!


4. Some really, really good friends and family. To let you whine, listen to you cry, allow you to be selfish, send you inspiring emails, pinterest quotes, and maybe even the occasional award… for doing the best you can. I would not have gotten through this period in my life without the support of my friends and family. I love you guys!!