What Mexico Taught Me

by emily burke


Oh man what a week!! I had a blast in Sayulita, Mexico on a yoga retreat with a group from my Denver gym, Endorphin. Group trips always have a way of teaching you about yourself by being around new people 24/7. I left with lots of memories, lots of new friends, and a solid list of things I learned 😉

~Like attracts like. Doing group trips with people that are like minded creates much deeper conversation, and much deeper connections.

~Yoga doesn’t have to be about shutting your mind off, but rather connecting with yourself, and allowing your thoughts to become more channeled.

~Wearing helmets while drinking tequila is always a good idea.

~You can never listen to the song “Hooked on a Feeling” too many times… on vacation or ever!!! Ouga Chaka ouga!!!

~We are all connected. The things that bother us or excite us about other people are usually a reflection of something we see in ourselves.

~No electricity in 90 degree weather can make you a little crazy. A lot crazy. 

~Sharing a room with a lizard is easier once you name him. Alejandro… I actually kinda miss you.

~Being in love with someone different from you allows you to attract different types of people into your circle.

~No matter how hard I try I’ll never be a water baby. The fear of fish is too real.

~Quiet people are often the funniest people, and are so worth taking the extra time to get to know.

~I’m a party animal at heart and no yoga trip can take that out of me.. 😉

~Scorpions are real, and people who get stung by them, survive, and don’t complain are super bad ass. 

~I’m amazed by the generosity of new friends.

~It is important to allow all people to live their own journey, without judgement or absorbing their energy.

~Extroverted people sometimes have a much deeper side that takes some time to uncover.

~True love inspires people, and people will often let you know it. 

~7 days of no AC is a lot harder than it sounds, and it makes it impossible to cuddle with your lover. Or lug your camera around to take pictures (sorry for the iphone photos :-/)

~Dancing to Justin bieber and One Direction in a caravan with AC is like heaven on a trip with no electricity. 

~Chakras are cool as shit.

~My story is certainly different but everyone has a story… And mine is a lot more relatable to people than I sometimes think. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone.

~Coming home to a pissed off, abnormally vocal cat after a 7 day vacation is no bueno, and cat time outs are real. Meow.

Thanks for an amazing trip Bri and everyone!!! Miss you guys already! ❤

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