The Expanding Love Circle by Boe Burke

by emily burke


My Dad has become quite the poet this year. I am always amazed by his “boems” as we call them 🙂 This one is dedicated to me, Candace, Scott and Gina, Scotts girlfriend. The names he uses in the beginning are all of the nicknames he has given us… he is the best, clearly. You know you want your own nickname… don’t be jealous 😉

I don’t think I need to say much here… my Dad’s words say it all. They left us all in tears. In fact, Gina and I were texting pics of our teary eyes to each other on the way to our jobs this morning… #besties.

Thank you Dad… for your beautiful words and for the love behind them. Your support has been everything. eve.ry.thing. literally.

The Expanding Love Circle

With Midnight Moon and Sunrise Dawn,

there’s a beautiful Bridge to the Buffer Zone.

The Circle of Life is alive and well, and each

of these lovers has their own story to tell.

Sometimes life takes a different turn,  

in this Circle there are no Bridges burned.

Looking at our lives, things happen for a reason,

Finding our authentic selves is not an act of treason.

It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never love at all.

In the moment there was a cost, but now love’s standing tall.

They all had to endure, excruciating growing pains,

but now the dust has settled, and the Circle still remains.

Inside this circle, there’s loving family and friends.

Who followed them on this path, where loyalty never ends.

What we have to look forward to, an expanding circle of love,

as God looks down with loving eyes, and blesses from up above.