Getting in the spirit!!

by emily burke


Eeeeeek!!! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our home, and even Mushu is seems excited 😉  We have (for whatever crazy reason) been talking about this exact moment for months and months… putting up a Christmas tree in our little corner window area which we call “The Nook.” The Nook is usually our cozy dinner spot.. a tray on the floor surrounded by an unnecessary amount of throw pillows underneath a vacation style mosquito net. Now its home to our very first Christmas tree, and the first Christmas tree I’ve ever had in NYC!! Getting the tree was, shall I say, a much more interesting experience that I had envisioned. And more expensive. 140 dollars for a tree… say what? The very nice Christmas Tree salesman politely chuckled when we asked if the tree would fit into a cab, and gave us a small tutorial of the different options we had for carrying the tree 19 blocks back to our apartment. So we accepted the challenge, took about 10 breaks, two selfies, and had a few less arguments than we did on our kayaking adventure which I felt was pretty impressive 😉 I’m still not sure how everyone else gets their tree home, as we were quite the spectacle… everyone was looking at us and either laughing or offering positive words of encouragement. Obviously, our favorite was from a friendly waitress who called out  “Yeah, we don’t need no men!” Yeah girl. Yeah.

So with the tree up, we are now officially in the holiday spirit!!!  Bring on Harry Connick Jr and Michael Buble all day every day. And eggnog lattes. And Elf… and Home Alone… and A Christmas Story! And SNOW!!!! I’m even excited for snow this year. I’m so excited I may even drag Candace to the insanity that is the Rockafeller Christmas Tree Lighting. Even though I  have sworn I would never put myself through that kind of claustrophobic torture, it may just have to happen this year 🙂

Check our our adorable tree and decorations… EEK! You know you love our creepy owl that was ALMOST our tree topper. My favorite are the little snow bunnies that look like us 😉