The Meeting

by emily burke

Ok folks, you asked for it and here it is. The meeting!!! I think the reason I hadn’t shared this yet is because we were… eh hem… kinda, sorta, slightly… drunk. Oops. It was Day 1 in paradise and we both got a little too excited to be there ;-). So my first impression of her was sort of skewed… and I thought her name was Gloria (long story lol). So we didn’t really start connecting until Day 2 when we were in a better state of mind, and Day 3 was when that Liz Phair song came on and we looked at each other, both said we felt oddly emotional and I felt that insane wave of pre-nostalgia/dejavu feeling wash over me. (Someone requested a Timeline from the trip, and I will absolutely do one soon!)
Also… while we’re on it… lets dissect that Liz Phair song. Because I swear it ended up outlining our trip.

Get a load of me get a load of you, walking down the street and I hardly know you, it’s just like we were meant to be.
(This line… it gives me chills. This is exactly how it felt.)

Holding hands with you when we’re out at night, got a girlfriend you say it isn’t right, and I’ve got someone waiting too.
(Yup. We held hands on the way home from the bars every night. And to add insult to injury, Candace actually had a boyfriend too.)

What if this is just the beginning, we’re already wet and we’re gonna go swimming.
(Now this is just weird. The first night we held hands on the way to the bar it was actually because we couldn’t find our group and it was pitch black out. We ended up running back to the resort and went into the ocean in our dresses.)

Why can’t I breathe whenever I think about you, why can’t I speak whenever I talk about you.
(This part is obvious. My entire being is on fire every time Im around her.)

Its inevitable, its the fact that we’re gonna get down to it, so tell me…
(Shes always been inevitable to me.)

I won’t write the entire silly song out but I will say that after Costa Rica the line “But wouldn’t it be beautiful” played over and over in my head every single day. It drove me slightly insane. And I was right… our love is insanely beautiful.

Anyway… this video is from literally 5 minutes after we first met. The actual first few minutes is a little fuzzy for me. I remember chatting about something with her and my best friend Erica, who was also on the trip with us. Candace actually just told me that she has a memory of telling me immediately that I felt so familiar to her. Then, Erica and I decided to walk down to the pool and Candace said “well, I guess I’ll come over there with you guys if thats okay” which now, thinking back on it, breaks my heart because she was there alone and didn’t really know anyone. I hope I was welcoming! Once we got down to the pool, Candace decided to show us her best pool trick. As soon as I saw how dangerous it was I was not having it. I didn’t even know this person and yet you can hear me in the background like a mother hen begging her not to do it. I was so worried and I was already trying to protect her. And the look she gives me still makes me laugh. She’s like “who is this girl?” and I wonder if she was having a bit of a premonition as well… like she oddly connects with me for a split second. She is very psychic after all 🙂

Without further adieu…
The Meeting!!!

(Oh, and just a little side note… we found out yesterday that Candace was born in Room 111, and Im flying out to Colorado next week to help her move here to NYC (yay!) and the flight number is…. 111. Ya just can’t make this stuff up!)