by emily burke

Today I am officially divorced. 29 year old, lesbian divorcee… that’s me! I wish I could say it’s a terribly sad day but it truly isn’t. I’ve seen how divorces normally play out and I’m just so grateful, and so proud of how Scott and I are handling ours. We are honoring our past together and looking forward to our future as friends and business partners. If you wanna get all spiritual with me, I believe we had a “soul contract” in this life. We were meant to be married and I have no regrets. We made each other better people. We grew up together. He taught me to be confident, pushed me to start my business, believed in me, and loved me unconditionally. I respect him so much. Most people in his position would have crumbled, or at least become angry and resentful. He treated me only with love. He saw the pain I was in and he did what was right for me and for both of us. We had an amazing 9 years together… and who says that divorce has to erase all that? Who says you have to go from loving each other to hating each other? Who says you have to throw away your wedding album, your pictures, your memories? Who says you can’t continue being best friends? Who made these rules??? We’re making our own rules. We choose love… the end can be just as loving as the beginning.

Scott, you will always be my friend… more than that really. You’re one of my soulmates. One of my partners in this life forever. Thank you. We had a kick ass wedding, created a dream business, and spent a killer 9 years enjoying life and traveling the world together, and I wouldn’t have changed a damn thing. Cheers to you, my loving, fun, forgiving, talented, smart, motivated and ever entertaining ex-husband… I love you. Thank you…