by emily burke


She’s here, she’s here, she’s HERE!!!!!

After the craziest whirlwind week ever I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write about Candace’s big move to NYC. Its been awesome and crazy. Thank God Southwest lets each passenger bring 2 bags and 2 carry ons, because everything she was coming with fit into those 8 bags… she literally just gave away all of her possessions other than her clothing. Now thats love ;-). As if the flight situation wasn’t ridiculous enough with a sedated cat and 8 bags, we also ended up getting delayed 2 hours and then had to sit on the runway for 3 more. Oh.. and I should mention that Scott drove us to the airport. Thanks again Scott!

IMG_5316 IMG_5339

The last 6 days have been filled with exploring NYC, adapting a cat to a new apartment, catching up on an insane backlog of work, starting a paleo challenge, introducing Candace to my entire family, reorganizing our lives and taking lots of selfies!!

11013448_10206992798359055_7691421911668054437_n IMG_5491

Oh… and maybe, just maybe watching this Buzzfeed video on repeat… because I ended up in it. Watch the first 18 seconds. Hilarious 😉

So folks, stay tuned. I’m keeping it short today but there is so much more to come. We are already manifesting so much for our new life together in NYC… lots of business ideas that I can’t wait to see develop. I am so excited to share my girl with you all. ❤