Candace Will Cut You

by emily burke


Seriously… people of NYC and especially my clients… take me up on this. Candace is an incredibly talented hair stylist with 17 years experience in Denver and she is now here in NYC doing hair out of peoples homes. If you need a blow out, style, cut and color, etc… she will come to you. Newborn clients, while I start working with your baby, you can relax and have Candace do your hair.. and she can stay and do touch ups! How perfect is that? We are super excited for her to start working here so please spread the word around!!

We have been so so so busy the last few weeks adjusting to life together here in NYC and we are just so excited for this next chapter. I’ve never really known what this blog would become but I think I am going to be blogging more frequently of just our daily musings… I know I still have lots more of our story to tell and I will continue to do that sporadically too 🙂

We are heading to Puerto Rico tomorrow for 6 days to celebrate love and life… so get ready for some gorgey pics!!! Here are a few we took this past week in the Hamptons… this was Candaces first time ever using my camera and she nailed it… I may have an associate photographer in training ;-p

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