Abraham on relationships

by emily burke





Everything we need to hear about attracting love, what the true purpose of a soulmate is, and why our relationship with ourselves must always come FIRST before we can foster healthy relationships with other people.

“Your soulmate will give you grief if its really a good soulmate”

“You don’t want to be leaning on some perfect person that all you have to do is observe them and you feel good”

“You wanna be able to stand out there, with anyone. You wanna say to anyone, bring it on. Because my happiness doesn’t depend on how you behave. My happiness depends on my ability to focus. And the worse you behave, the better I get at focusing!”

“We want your marriage vows to go like this:  Dear one. I want you to know that as much as I love you, there is someone who comes first before you. And that is my alignment with the source within me. My inner being, thats who I’m devoted to. Thats who I’m aligned to. Thats who I’m feeling for. Thats who my commitment is to. And my promise to you is that I will give you as much as I can, the fullness of me, not a separated me. I’m going to do my best to satisfy my alignment and therefore give you the gift of living with someone who is aligned.”

Abraham for the win. Again. 😉