Abraham and Me

by emily burke

I feel like I am now in a relationship with Abraham just as much as I am with Candace 😉 Or, as Abraham would probably rather me say, I am now in a relationship with myself. I am learning what makes me tick and I am starting to analyze and want to fix the habits I’ve developed over the years, especially the “monkey mind” or hamster wheel of anxiety I’ve developed. I have always had a tendency to look outside myself for happiness. Connections with other souls make me feel more connected to Source (or God, or the Universe.. whatever you believe in as our higher power) rather than looking inward and connecting with myself to connect with Source. I’ve been finding myself in certain moments clinging to Candace for connection, and when it doesn’t come easily, or as often as I would like, feeling frustrated.

I have been listening to Abraham for months now but there is just so much information that I am always discovering more. And as it always goes, when the student is ready, the information will present itself. I stumbled across one workshop video which I posted the other day, and that led me to many more. I’m finding them to be so insightful that I am sitting here at my computer, alone, in my own zone, clapping and crying tears of joy. This is what happens when Candace leaves me for three hours to go do hair… it is quite the scene 😉

What I am learning this week is that the feeling of falling is love is one of the best, and probably for many people, the easiest ways of feeling connected to source. But once things settle, we often allow ourselves to get stuck again. We want the high of falling in love never to go away. We cling to it, we expect too much of it, we look at our mate and wonder why we can’t be high together all the time. The reality is, that feeling of connection does not have to go away, but the person we are with is not, and never was responsible for our connection to source, or as Abraham would say, our being inside the “vortex.” They were simply a catalyst for us to feel connected, and then it is our own homework to continue to find that connection and happiness in ourselves. It is something we have to practice and work at every single day. Abraham says that the best marriage is 2 people coming together for the purpose of co-creating, taking full responsibility for their own happiness and connection to Source, and that true unconditional love of another is a direct reflection of   true unconditional love of the self. We have heard time and time again that we can not love another until we love ourselves but I am not sure that most people truly and completely grasp that concept, and I have never heard it explained as well as Abraham explains it.

I know the last 2 posts have been about Abraham and I know its a pretty far out there kinda concept, that this woman is a medium for some higher level source of consciousness… but this information is so insightful for everyone to hear, regardless of what you believe in. You don’t need to believe in Abraham to be able to absorb the content of these videos. I promise 😉

This first one was my fave, especially the end

And the rest of these are great too. Or, you can pretty much just click around on Youtube and spend your whole day learning all the secrets of the universe like i do 😉