I love you Wes.

by emily burke


To my boy… You chose us. and we were the lucky ones Wes. I never knew you could love an animal so much. You weren’t a dog (you really didn’t think you were..you hated dogs 😂) you were one of us. You were our soul brother. I was and always will be obsessed and madly in love with you. You comforted us when we were sad, you taught us about unconditional love, you forgave us for our imperfections, you spoiled us rotten with affection. You were the light our household and our lives. You greeted us with so much excitement (and usually a little pee) and made us each feel like we were your favorite (except dad was always #1 and you made sure everyone knew it.) I will never stop loving you .. Missing you.. And being grateful for my time with you. I wish we had had more of it… Doesn’t feel like it was time yet at all. I love you Wesley Burke… Best dog in the entire universe.

Until we meet again my sweet dog brother….