Crazy Pet Lady… literally crazy.

by emily burke


So… my beloved 9 year old dog-brother Wes got diagnosed with a mass tumor in his chest a few weeks ago. After crying for 2 hours straight I decided to look at this as an opportunity to put into practice everything I believe in, rather than fall into a state of hopelessness. So for the last few weeks my family has been doing everything known to alternative man kind to help my baby shrink his tumor so that he can breathe easier again. Abraham meditations, holistic pet homeopaths, chiropractic, an anti-cancer diet, reiki, you name it. My parents even took him to a pet psychic. (Yes. A pet psychic. I know.. we are literally insane.) I was so interested in their experience that I booked an appointment with Candace’s cat, my step-cat, Mushu. I’ll get to that in a second. After several weeks of this new health plan, Wes has gotten SOOOO much better… He is back to walking around the block, chasing the garbage truck from behind his fence, begging for food, growling at other dogs… almost back to his old self 😉 Please send Wes lots of loving energy… I was *obviously* expecting him to live to 100 so I will absolutely not settle for 9. #nope

So, back to pet psychics. I’m not sure how I have never written about my Mushu relationship… it’s been a rollercoaster since she moved in with me 9 months ago. One day we love each other, the next I’m yelling and crying because she is meowing ALL DAMN DAY (seriously, how does one cat have this much to say???), puking on the floor, scratching the couch, running into my bedroom which is strictly off limits (and she knows it!!!)… you name it. Candace says we fight like sisters. It’s kinda funny… kinda stressful. Anyway, we booked the appointment over the phone and it was pretty incredible lol. If you’re like most normal human beings and don’t believe in weird psychic shit like I do… thats okay… because even just *imagining* your pet saying all these things will bring some clarity, some laughs, and some tears ;-). The very first thing animal communicator Cindy Brody ( said was that Mushu is happy that Candace and I are happy, but that she is in a lot of trouble, and thinks we are giving her away. (That morning had been a particularly bad one, and we had been dramatically yelling about giving her away. SO SAD!! SORRY MUSHU!) Several phrases came through from the cat that broke our hearts… “I’ve been a bad cat” “Do you have time for me?” “I’m homesick” etc… Cindy gave us a bunch of insight which overall helped us understand her better, but also some tips and tricks to changing our situation. She is really bored, we need to give her more toys and more little spaces to hide in. She needs a lot more play time and cuddle time with just Candace, and the main issue is that she has a stomach problem, which definitely accounts for her random puking and pooping in the living room, and probably for a lot of her acting out, Cindy said. She had us change her cat food and add a probiotic into her diet, as well as a homeopathic remedy for anxiety.  And I’ve been giving her more love. Maybe a little too much… my new little bff has been ALL over me while I’m trying to get work done. Thanks a lot Cindy   😉 IMG_9256

The things we do for the critters we love… it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. If I didn’t know how much they meant to me… I sure do now.





Oh, and here is a great healing meditation from Abraham I have been listening to. As well as a financial one because… it popped after the healing one and, why not?!!?